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Sparks is an ongoing Star Wars roleplaying campaign based on the West End Games D6 system and sponsored by Game Base 7. The group, which has been running since GenCon 1995, has around 100 members from many U.S. states, but the majority are living in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. As of 2011, over 160 modules have been written by our members, and about 10 new modules are added per year. We run Sparks modules at least once per month at local conventions (mostly in Illinois and Wisconsin) and always have a very large presence at Origins and GenCon, where we run multiple tables in every slot. We are always open to new members! To find out more, explore this Wiki, and if you like what you see, join our email listserve (link at the bottom of this page) and post a message expressing your interest.

About the Sparks Wiki

This is meant to be a public collection of campaign information for Sparks. Please contribute and don't worry too much about breaking something, as everything is backed up. At worst, I can revert a page to an earlier state.

More categories for information will be added to the nav as we come up with them. This is an ongoing project.

By all means, add pages as you like. Jerry Beyer, for example, would like to see a list of drinks for cantina scenes but doesn't know of any. Have fun.

The one request I've gotten so far is for everyone to please be mindful of spoilers. We like sharing stories and information but do remember that some readers have not played as many mods as you, and we want them to enjoy it as much as you did.

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