Colonel Vo Zzingnut: Mission Report


Br. General Jezlyn Moonshadow, Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut, Androsta Shadowstar, and three other operatives whom I am ashamed to admit I don't recall. (But I wasn't ranking rebel so it wasn't my job to remember)

Mission Brief:

We were bound for Sullust, a planet I dislike though it's not as bad as Bespin or Dak. Our mission was to entertain the spoiled daughter of a Sorosub up and up, and attempt to recruit her to the rebellion by giving her a first hand demonstration as to what those less fortunate than her lived with on a daily basis on Sullust. (This kinda hit a bit close to home). I understand that our mission as a whole was to persuade the Sullustain Resistance into joining with the Rebellion for good, since we have partnered up with them in the past before.

During our briefing we were told about some of Naris Nilton's friends and habits, as well as given a contact and time to reach them to make our mission go a bit smoother.


We arrived in system, and the first thing that the crew did was surf the holonet for the latest trends on Sullust. To our surprise Humans seemed to be the 'in' thing on planet, which made it easier on our team since just about anything we wore or did was a fashion trend. I was a little bit confused as to why I was assigned this mission in particular at the start since command is well aware of my…tendencies. It was decided early on that some of us would have to play the bureaucratic brat role in order to mingle with the kind of crowds that Naris would be in. Jezlyn, myself, and another woman whom I have never been on a mission with before took up the role. We were given new I.D's for this mission, a set for the party crowd and one for when we had to traverse the Sullust 'underground'.

Jezlyn and the others decided to hit up one of the clubs and see what was going on, while I decided to hang back a little bit with Androsta. Our plan was to get into club Exclusive, which had some strict standards to get into….standards that I am not sure are good or bad that I was able to pass. Androsta and I went to the spa for some treatment, and he needed to be primped before we hit the club. I found out about a handicap he had, and suggested a way for him to get over it at the spa. He was supposed to be my body guard and, since we were the 'in' thing I wanted to make him my fashion statement as well. So he was also supposed to be my living fur stol…..

We hit the club, and I found out that the others in the party were able to get in by being part of my entourage. I was a bit embarrassed when asked if I would preform infront of the party and I got more than a few weird looks from most of them. Once inside we began to mingle. Before we arrived I had a translitorator tailored to look like a wardrobe piece so that I could understand the language this time around. After a short while we heard a group of younger Sullusts getting ready to party hard. We bought them a round of shots and found out that this was Naris and her friends.

We hit it off, talking about some pretty shallow things like fashion trends and what not. Naris said I was pretty 'waxy' which was apparently the 'in' thing on Sullust to be. She showed me her little grub she kept in her purse……poor thing…..and dug Androsta though I had to explain he wasn't a slave. He was a big hit and all he had to do was stand there. Naris had too much to drink and was taken care of by her guard, a Sullust woman named Hema. She seemed to be giving her guard a bit of trouble so I slipped her a sedative when no one was looking.

The team and I met up with Hema the next day during her 'break', about an hour slot she was supposed to be taking Naris' grub to the groomer to be waxed. We were able to speak with her in private. She was very exhausted and unhappy with her position as Naris' guard, and admitted that she often thought about killing Naris and running off to be rid of her. We were able to convince Nema to let us help her and the rest of the Sullustans by showing Naris what life was like for the majority of them all. Nema agreed, seemed happy to have a few days off from Naris.

We had made plans the night before to spend the day with Naris and her friends for some lunch, a spa treatment, and some shopping. We met up at Vapid, an upscale eatery where we had cocktails and some lunch. Surprisingly Sullustan cuisine isn't as bad as some of the other cuisine's I've had, so lunch wasn't too bad. Naris' friends were eccentric…one was an 'anti-goth' who was into the light side of things and wore tight white leather (it was really strange), another one was a bit of a play boy, and one of the others had a father who bought her her own planet for her coming of age just so she could have the title of 'Princess'. It was a struggle to not want to punch one of them, I could see where Nema's stance was.

The spa was interesting. When out with Androsta the day before we were asked if we wanted a grub bath. I declined as did he, but this time around it was the 'waxy' thing to do so we had to. Jexlyn and I seemed to stand the grubs, but our other opperative bailed out after a time. I don't blame her…having slimy grubs in a tub squirming and sliding around your body…….getting into weird places takes a lot of will power to withstand. Still, not as bad as Dak.

We spoke for a while about things again, waiting for a time to try and lure Naris away from her friends. I would have hated if we had to knock them out…it would have complicated mattes further. After all, the Sullustan Resistance wanted to recruit Naris over as a double agent. Her father had the ins and outs of Sorrosub, and soon Naris would too. It all made perfect sense.

Eventually we got to talking about things they did when not around mom and dad, or their body guards. It was weird, so I thought at least, that whenever we went from one room to another as our spa treatments changed our body guards would get up and see we were alright before going back to their little room. One of the guys on our mission let us know that someone else was also trying to do the same thing we were, targeting Naris though who it was no one knew.

It was becoming more vital that we get the job done.

Naris let it slip that her and the rest of the party liked to slip off and do things that would make their parents pissed if they ever found out. I chose this moment to insert a bit of a dare…Naris said I was one of the 'dimest, dankest humans ever' which was a compliment I suppose. I asked if she wanted so see real dim and dank. Her friends tried to talk her out of it, but she was on the crux of wanting to back out and wanting to hand out with us. I've seen people in her shoes often enough to know that look of boredum from hanging around the same socialites for too long. Naris was in the bag, deciding to ditch her friends to hang out with the humans.

We did have to stop for a new purse and comlink for Naris. It was $20,000 credits! And she wanted Nema to program over 6,000 numbers in it for her! Unbelievable!

She followed us down to the Sullust Labor sectors in the lower city without complaint at first, she seemed to think it was a joke. We had her changed over, the rest of the crew had made plans before to have some items stashed below for us and for a car to be waiting. Naris had her comlink stolen off the bat and was shocked, but we didn't do anything about it. The labor was hard, thought I admit that when we got assigned work in the mines I actually found I took some comfort in it. We all kept an eye on Naris that nothing bad happened to her or that no one bothered her.

While we were in the mines we saw her little grub Shi Shi make a dashing escape from her bag. Unfortunately it was across the mining cart tracks and the little grub was run over. It seemed to hit a nerve in Naris at last, the death of her little grub. She seemed to sober up….kinda like the first time you kill someone and come to grips with it…only I suppose in a way this was a nicer experience. She even said 'thank you' in the food line.

At the end of the third day she came up to the crew, it had dawned on her by then what was going on though she wasn't aware that we were with the rebellion just then. We got in the car to head back up into 'civilization', making one pit stop to get Naris a cheap comlink so she could call Nema and her father. We helped her put in the number, though she did it herself after we explained how it was done.

Naris agreed to work with us if it meant helping out her people. She also decided to let Nema retire, if only out of fear that now that she knew how much of an ass she had been that Nema probably wanted to kill her. I'm glad for Nema….she deserves the retirement.

The mission was a success. We didn't have any trouble with anyone else trying to beat us to Naris, probably because we made contact with her first. At the end of the mission I discovered I have gained more reputation for the alias that I used to confront Naris in club Exclusive….that identity now know to the rest of the party.

Jexlyn seemed to understand to a point, now I need to hunt down one of our operative and have a long chat with him about the safety of handling explosives….and also the dangers of taking pictures of comrades while they are naked.

-Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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