4th Entry

A lot has happened in a short time but that seems to be the way things go around here.

Targo has passed into the Force. He was one of those who recently have gotten a bit careless and over did it. I have heard from 2 that he said good-bye to before leaving to draw his hunters away from the fleet. But for me, he found a way to briefly stay connected to both worlds. Thankfully I am used to seeing blue glowing spirits from within the Force so it was not a total surprise. I am glad for the information he was compelled to pass on to me. May his spirit be with us always and may he rest peacefully within the Force.

The young Twi'lek female that "Wolfman" Steve rescued from slavery came to see me. She only knew a few other beings since coming to be with the Crucible sector Rebellion and the one she was closest to has passed also in the Imperial incursion. I feel it is my duty to watch out for her until she gets accustomed to her new life.

I am getting a feeling when I am close to her that she is on the brink of a major change. Turns out she is force sensitive and I believe the Force is reaching out to bring her to the next level and may have placed her among us for this purpose. We have had a very long talk and it is now to be her decision if she wants to take this step.

Part 2:
Koy has made her decision and I have agreed to take her on as my Padawan.

Private Diary 3

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