A Call For Arms

Bulletin Board, Rebel Command Ship Discovery

Hello Fellow Members of the Rebellion,

My name is D’Abu’Da Abassk, and I come seeking your aid. Some of you may know that while I do hold a rank (Captain) in the Rebellion I also work for the Sullustan Resistance. I come before you today asking for your assistance on their behalf.

I am attempting to put together a package of small arms to deliver to the Sullustan Resistance. We all have collections of blasters and blaster rifles laying around gathering dust from various missions and I am willing to pay fair market value for those extra guns you have laying around. This is by no means an attempt to make money on my part; in fact I fully plan on losing money as I will be paying you out of my own pocket.

No collection too small or too big. If you wish further confirmation that this is indeed an ‘official’ mission to help the Sullustan Resistance please contact Jient Penn, Sullustan Resistance Observer.

Some of you may ask why I am willing to do this. Well, my people have suffered greatly under Imperial and SoroSuub control for years; it is time the people of Sullust take matters into their own hands to end their suffering. I, as a loyal Sullustan, am willing to make any sacrifice to see my homeland free of Imperial control.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to doing business with you.

Captain D’Abu’Da Abassk
Rebellion Privateer
Sullustan Resistance Fighter

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