A Growing Family

"Okay….calm down, Squibie…." Jynx said while trying not to laugh.

ChiChi glowered at his wife, which only made it harder for her not to laugh. His furr was standing on end so he looked like a giant poof ball, and a tiny vine of electricity ran between the length of his ears.

"You are NOT keeping those….those….RODENTS in here! Just look at my fur!" he huffed.

Deciding it best not to look, she turned her attention back to the cage where her new 'children' were. She had thought the Pikarus were too cute to pass by, and thought it was an added plus that they couldn't fling poop. She had been examining the female, who seemed to weight a bit more all of a sudden, when the male bolted from the cage. Placing the female back inside, Jynx had been loath to say anything about the escape to her hubby….until he found it.

Needless to say, it had been a shocking surprise.

"I can't keep them in the labs, Squibie!" she protested. "What if they get out? Think of the trouble they could cause if they got too close to certain things in there!"

"Well you aren't keeping them in here! As far as I'm concerned there's only room for one fuzzy being in your life, and it ain't one of those!" ChiChi exclaims.

No longer able to hold in her laughter, Jynx begins to giggle until she falls on the floor. Seeing the angry look in his eyes, she does her best to stop, and sits up. "I'll brush the charge out of your fur, don't look at me like that" she teases.

"You know, I bet Kas'Tor wouldn't mind having them around…." he says, then adds under his breath "in case he ever needs a late nite snack."

"That doesn't sound like a good idea, and they're like mini you's…like babies!" Jyns proclaims.

"Babe, from what I know babies don't multiply like Davin Toff Clones" her hubby says.

Silent for a momment, Jynx can't really argue that point. "Well…" she thinks back to the first inccident they ran into when the critters got loose and multiplied. And she looked ready to pop again.

"Well….I suppose I could keep them on the Dust Bunny" she says at last, then decides to try to guilt trip her hubby. Turning slowly to face him she pouts…."But…but you said family was very, very important, member?"

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