A Home Away From Home

Dear Diary,

I was able to get some time off between missions to return back to Barab I, the resting place of T'Thock and the current 'love nest' between Squibums and myself.

It was a little lonesome spending time there without Squibie, but I had some things that I needed to take care of. I arrived and spent a few days there without hearing from our friend, having left his assistant a message ahead of time. So it was no surprise when "L" came knocking at my door…I probably should have had more clothes on than I did, but it's one of the few times I can dress down in a silk slip and not have anyone stare. I was given time to dress, and decided since I was going to be meeting Squibie's friend on my own, that I might want to look a little more presentable. So I put on some old home attire that is still pretty nice if a bit outdated, and decided to keep the weaponry and explosives behind. Afterall… I wasn't in my element here.

"L" was gracious enough to serve as an escort of sorts, which meant that I didn't have to be worried about not being armed since on my previous visits it seems that no one messes with "L". I got a little distracted, not noticing before how much alike everything looks on Barab I, let alone most planets. Finally "L" showed me into a massive greenhouse where Squibie's friend was awaiting me.

I've never been in such awe. Words can't begin to describe the pleasurable aromas wafting through the air here. I felt a little weak hearted when I thought I caught a whiff of some of the flowers my mother kept in her garden back home, but it's like comparing a single grain of salt amongst and oceans' worth. "L" motioned me forward and I realized that he wasn't comming with me into the labyrinth that stretched before me .

It was frustrating trying to navigate the labyrinth of hedgework. I had nothing to guide me and was really wishing that I had brought some explosives to clear a path through. But then again, I knew that my host waouldn't really appreciate me blowing a pathway through his garden without his permission. And I had come seeking his assistance in the first place with nothing of value to offer in return for his services. So on second thought I am happy I left the grenades behind. Besides I was so entranced I definatly want to go back and perhaps study a few of the plants.

I almost walked into a snake in those shrubs. A freaking SNAKE! I mean it litteraly flew over me and attacked a bird opposite where I was standing. I thought about cheking out the bird's nest to make sure the snake didn't kill the entire family, but I decided against it. I mean, I could have been bit and no one would have known I was out there.

I wound up at the place I started and was so frustrated I decided it was worth it to tear off pieces of my shirt to use as markers. Well…it worked in the sense that I didn't repeat my courses and wound up fining Squibie's friend, unfortunatley I didn't have much left of a shirt.

He was entranced by a beautiful flower. I think if I hadn't had my run in with the snake that I might have paid more attention to the flowers there, and I even thought about sneeking up on my aquaintance, but decided against it. We greeted and he led me away through his abode, talking and listening to what I had to say about me and Squibie, and some recent developments that I have had, as well as what I was seeking from him.

He finally paused and gestured me through a doorway. I was surprised when I found an enourmous lab behind the door. I feel bad in hindsight that I waited too long to say anything to Squibie's friend, but I immediatly gave myself a tour about the area. It's more than efficient, and I was able to start work in it right away. "L" even offered me his aid, which in being so caught up in over the new lab, that I forgot to mention that I wanted him to bring the 'package' that T'Thock is currently looking after to the lab for safekeeping, so I will make sure that I do this before I leave Barab I. Afterall, I am sure no one will appreciate the crater it might make of T'Thock's grave.

So I was fianlly able to make a breakthrough, and hopefully this will make a huge differance in the future. I hope that it calms Squibie's nerves a bit. I was a little hesitant about being asked if I was interested in an employment opportunity…though it can't be that bad in return for the new gift.

I think I may take him up on this offer…


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