A Jynxie Giver's Day

Dear Diary,

It was a near wonderful Giver's Day this year. Things started out with festivities in Uneeq's bar where I kicked back with some friends for a while before bringing a group of comrades and friends into the main hangar for a surprise event of find the grenade. I hid a bunch in the hangar, some were pressure sensitive and loaded with paint to go off. I think everyone was a bit nervous about it at first, but they had fun for the most part at the end and all of them got a free t-shirt. I just hope Uneeq isn't too upset with any blue paint that made it to her bar, should anyone not have cleaned up afterwards.

As a gift I did give everyone a pikara for giver's day. I mean….I have so many since Zip and Zap keep….er….well, at least they did till I separated them.

Rockland gave me a TD filled with confetti, and someone….I dunno who, gave me a roll of detonite tape. Someone also gave ChiChi and I a surprise night in a sweet with a hot tub but as neither of us likes water that much we 'regifted' it to Vandin and Taylor. ChiChi also got Sal and Snarf some guns that shoot Squib salvage right stickers….they seemed to like that a lot though Snarf keeps asking me for explosives and poison. Part of me wants to give them to her…part of me doesn't.

I did teach a few of the recruits some demolitions skills as well and then kicked back to relax again with ChiChi and Kas'tor for a while.

I wasn't expecting what happened towards the end of the night at all…now I am feeling pretty bad about things. I kicked a Squib so hard I killed her but V saved her at the last minute. Maybe some of the guys are right and I should see a therapist about my anger issues? Maybe not….ChiChi said it was a great kick.


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