A Meeting Of Troubled Souls

The little Jawa finally decided to again go to T’thokk’s memorial for her daily meditation. Each day she chose a different location and time. She was attempting to drill it into herself to, no matter how hectic life got, mediate each day. Plus she knew she needed it if she was ever going to come to grips with the panic attacks.

Sitting cross legged, Dee’laan (know by most as Stinky) straightened her back, breathed deep and opened herself up to the Force. Seeing, sensing the air around her, she saw the Force as miniscule motes of sand, ever shifting and interacting with all the life around her. A sense of complete calm enveloped her. Now she could start to introduce those things that troubled her, things she needed to understand before they festered and became “dark”.

How long she sat there, she would only know if she had cared to look at the chrono when she had started. But she was on vacation. She was mediating and true mediation was not supposed to be constrained to a finite time slot. So she did not know how long she had been here when the troubled presence entered the sphere in the Force that the Jedi had opened herself up to. With a tiny blip use of the Force, the Jawa was fairly certain the being who approached her was Jynxie.

The young human hesitated upon seeing the small robed being sitting at the side of the memorial. As she turned to leave, Dee’laan spoke up.

“You don’t have to leave Jynxie. I sense you need to be here as much as I do. It’s peaceful here. I think we both need that and maybe we could both do with some companionship.” After the Jawa finished talking, then she turned to face the troubled young woman.

Continued in Unexpected Visitor

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