A New Chapter In Life

There she goes, my baby, my joy, even if only for a breif time….

As the shape of a Ghtroc 720 slowly disappears beneath the torid surface of the swamps of Gelgelar a single tear streaks the dirt and grim of the Sullustans face.

"Well, nothing to do but start over. I do not know how they tracked me or the ship but let them find me now!" With a violent heave the Sullustan throws every single comlink and item of personal equipment into the swamp.

"Now, what to do with all of these guns? I could go into gun running but that would require a ship. Hmmm, I could sell them and make some much needed credits but that doesn't really sit right with me. I made a promise and a promise is a promise even if I don't trust them anymore."

With a deep sigh "That settles it. I have to leave them for the Movement even though I am not sure if the Movement is truely real or just another cover for SoroSuub. I made a promise and I will not sleep at night if I do not carry through with it. I will leave them with Nofre, we were close once. I trusted her once, can I trust her again?"

After many long weeks of moving a sizeable collection of small arms close to the Freeport and another week of concealing them, I find myself wondering what do to next.

"I should pay Ma and Pa a visit, but that might bring them after my parents. I can not have that happen, they should not have to pay for the company I kept. I will just disappear, not even telling them where I am going. Now, where should I go? I need somewhere I can just disappear and be one of billions."

We see our Sullustan wandering into the Freeport very breifly and stealing some clothes and then making his way towards a tramp light freighter just prepping for liftoff…

"Hello there" he shouts to the crew of the vessel, "where you headed? The Sisar Run, sounds good! Have room for a passenger, I will make it very worth your while. No luggage, just me."

Settling in for the 2 week Hyperspace journey I begin to plan my next step. From the Sisar Run I can go anywhere. Although I should stop by and try and pay off my obligations to a certain Hutt on Nar Shadda. With a shudder I find myself actually planning on going to work for a Hutt….

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