A Promise Broken

As the black and gold Firespray sliped into Hyperspace, the lone furry occupant of the ship looked around. Sighing he heads to the back, and crawls into one of the seats of the AT-AT head. Reclining the seat back a bit, Chichi can’t help but think of his wife and how much he misses her when they are apart. Of course, thinking of her brings up the now familiar pangs of guilt he has for breaking a promise to her. His word has always been something he has prided himself on, and to break it to her of all people is driving him insane.

Clenching his little fist, he bangs it on the armrest of the chair. He could blame it on the Jawa… it was because of her threatening actions that he had promised Jynxie that he would take no actions against her or her belongings, nor that he would place her in danger. He could blame it on Jynxie for asking him to make the promise… but bless her heart despite the Jawa’s actions she understood what the Jawa may be going through and forgave her. He could blame it on the Rebellion for sending them continuously on missions with poor intel and no backup. He could also blame it on the sithspawned Governor of the planet who was torturing his wife and friends such that he had to talk or it would just continue. Especially, considering he had seen others tougher than anyone else he knew cave in under torture after a long painful period… none of them needed to go through it.

But in the end it was him that decided to name the Jawa as a leader in the rebellion. It was his choice to make… and when the Governor doubted him, he continued on to convince the Governor that it was true by providing all of their names and stating that the Crucible Sector Rebellion didn’t have a single base, but a flotilla of ships moving between sectors. He even went so far to name Jabba the Hutt as a player in the Rebel Alliance… thus explaining the Jawa’s high rank.

Gripping the armrest even tighter, feeling he has now betrayed her trust. Of course she had forgiven him right away… but that’s the kindness in her heart, how could she ever trust him again? Others have stated he did the right thing, talking to avoid torture… Vandin didn’t understand until Chichi had explained it to him. Well… he’ll face the music soon enough. The coordinates are set… back to the Rebel Alliance to see if they will ever let him go on another mission due to talking. And worse… to talk to a certain Jawa and let her know. That will be hard… but not because of the apology, but because it will be a reminder of a promise broken.

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