A Second Visit

Jynx sighed as she sat down, greatful for the repulsor chair at the end of the day. The medical crew onboard the Discovery had suregically fixed her enhancements, but had kept her for observation and testing. She wasn't quite feeling back to herself yet, and was tired after physical training observation.

As the medical droid assigned to her pushed her along the hallways she became aware of the gaurd stationed outside of one of the doors, and realized that Dash was still in the medical wing. Curious as to why since he would already be healed and wondering if he was undergoing psychiatric assesments she ordered the droid to take her towards the gaurd.

Flashing her rank in the solider's face, he promptly let her in.

The interior of the room had changed slightly. There was now a small table and chair along with the bed and refresher unit. Jynx frowned, the room reminding her very much of a prison cell….especailly with the camera in the corner. Dash was seated at the table scrawling on a piece of flimsy, but he smiled as he looked over to see who had entered, a look of concern quickly crossing his face.

"Major, what happened to you?" He asked, unable to help the small curve of a smile creeping to his lips. "Causing trouble?"

"You know I can't tell you, Dash" she frowned.

He scooted the chair over towards her and as he did so the guard opened the door to peek in. Dash paused and glanced between the Major and the guard.

Turning her chair to glance backwards, Jynx realized that while there wasn't anything available to use as a weapon in the room that she was aware of, in her weakened condition there was a chance of him trying something. Feeling akward suddenly she smiled at the guard. "Leave the door open, it's a little warm in here" she lied.

Catchinig her meaning, the guard left the door open and remained just outside the room but ready should the Major need him.

Before she turned back Dash placed one of her feet in his lap and winked at her as he began to rub her foot. After the exercises she had just been put through she wasn't going to complain.

"I thought next time I'd be seeing you you would have at least made it out of this room" she said. "But in any case it's nice to see you're not still handcuffed to the bed."

"I don't mind being handcuffed to my bed so much Major" he began as she realized the trap she had just walked into, "but I'd mind it even less if it were you doing the handcuffing. So, what happened to you Major?"

"Actually I had a baby" she teased, getting a dead serious look from Dash who for a momment stopped rubbing her foot. "Lighten up will you? So, what were you working on?"

Smiling he glanced over his shoulder and got up to retrieve the flimsy and hand it to her. Sitting back down, he took her other foot in his hands and began rubbing it too. Jynx looked at the flimsy.

The blue prints of an explosive device she was familiar with was laid out in neat line work on the page. She glanced over the top of the flimsy at Dash, wondering what he was up to.

"Just keeping in touch Major" he smiled as she eyed him. "Not gonna be any use when I get out of here if I can't remember what wires to cut and not to cut, right?"

"That's true, so how are things going for you and the team?" She asked.

"The team? You seen the rest of them?" He asked.

"No, I've only seen you really. I figured that when you are better that you will be assigned to train in explosives with me, though you have a good handle for them as far as I can tell."

Smiling, he begins to massage her calf a bit. "Thank's Major, I'd love to serve under you" he winks mischieviously, hand moving further up her leg.

Jynx glances down, enjoying the treatment after her workout and the surgery, but not the attention Dash seems to focus on her so much. Maybe she could convince command that a congical visit might be in order….but then she'd have to find someone to do it. Taking her silence for a que, Dash moves up further than he has previously gotten.

Narrowing her eyes, Jynx removes his hand and her foot from his lap and places it on the repulsor chair. "Dash…I told you already that I am married."

Dash's demeanor changes a bit, getting more tense but he smiles anyways. "I don't mind."

"But I do" she says. "I really was just stopping by to see how you were doing Dash, since I happened to be back here. I was really hopping you'd be better by now but…"

Dash rises and moves forward. As he does the guard glances in the room and shakes his head, his hand going for the pistol at his side. Dash pauses.

"Really though, Dash" Jynx says. "I am tired. I promise to visit before I leave here again, but for now, I want to rest."

A flush creeping over his face, Dash inches forward a bit and protests, but Jynx merely hands him back the flimsy as the droid begins to back her out of the room.

"Don't go Major, I'll be a good boy if you want" he teases, desperation in his voice. "Besides, I missed your company."

"Keep studying Dash, like I said, next time I see you I expect you to be better…..and Dash….you have the wires mixed up."

Looking down at the flimsy he realizes she is right. Looking back up just as the door closes he races over, reaching it too late.

As the droid pushes her down the hall she can hear him screaming after her, but she is too exhausted to care and just wants to get over her medical observation so she can spend some time with her Squib.

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