A Sense Of Foreboding

Ever since the last visit to the temple, Dee'laan made sure to find time to meditate daily. As much as she could, she found time to keep with her new ritual of clearing her mind of all "worldly" concerns and thoughts. When her mind was clear and due to her connection to the Force, she could observe the ebb and flow of the Force.

Like motes of sand blowing across the desert, she watched as those motes both rebounded off of her and the things around her and how some passed through. She noticed the difference in formation and density as the Force interacted with the living and non-living. Sometimes the Jedi could almost identify who a portion of the Force going past or through her had last been in contact with.

This day such an event happened. As a mote-dense flow moved toward Dee'laan, she sensed a familiarity with it. But there was a something heavy, troubled, dark with this normally light flow if indeed the Jedi Knight were correct about whom these motes had very recently passed through. She waited as this wave of the Force passed through her and into her open mind the Force sent a flood of feelings and images. With a bit of effort, Dee captured those remnants of her friend and then sent the Force wave away, cleansed of the traces of troubled "sister".

To herself Dee thought, "I'll give her a little time and if she doesn't come to see me, I'll invite her to dinner." Once again seeing some of the images the Force showed her, the little Jawa ends her meditation saying, "I need to hear what she has to say. Well, you want to be a Master; this is part of the job."

Some days have passed and I have sent an invite to Chimara to have dinner with me. I choose for us to have dinner in my office because I felt it was a more private setting and Chimara would be more open to talking. I had heard the rumors and could now get a first hand account.

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