A Visit From Family

A Visit from Family

(As I lay here in a hospital bed somewhere on “The Hope”, looking at all the tubes and wires running from various locations on my body, I am trying to piece together what happened over the past 5 days. There are bits and pieces that I remember but foremost in my memory is the vision, so vivid and real. And again the fresh surgical cut on my right side throbs with echoes of a past wound, not one of mine but my mother’s.)

The worried face of Chimara comes into frame. “Do I wanna know?” She says in trade Jawa. She then rests her chin on her hands. “Can I get you anything?” She held back saying anything so as to not state the obvious.”

Groggily the little being turned her face toward the voice. "Oh, Chimara", said Dee, closing her eyes but for once in days she did not lose consciousness. Opening her eyes, she could now focus on the human sitting beside her hospital bed. "I'm a bit thirsty. I think there is some type of fluid they are letting me have." She weakly tries to point to a table by the bed.

Quietly entering the room, a med tech comes up to Chimara and hands her a bottle. "This is fresh but don't let her drink too fast. We're keeping track of her intact and output so," the tech shows Chimara the internal comm link, "please comm me if she needs anything." Then the tech spends a few more minutes checking over the IV's, exchanging an empty on for a full one and making sure the monitors are set properly. "Oh and" pointing to a pan, "just in case this doesn't stay down."

Thankfully Chimara’s expression of disgust at the idea of having to use the pan to catch Jawa discards. “Thank you will do.” Chimara said as she took the bottle and moved back in front of Dee. “You must be in really bad shape if they have a living med tech keeping an eye on you. Then again you are a General. My hand got put back by a droid.”

She moved the straw to Dee so she could take a sip. Then moved it back and put it on the table. She paused and smiled for a moment. There was no point in asking what had happened, Dee would say something if she wanted to. The alternative was Chimara talking but she knew Dee was happy just to have a friend here during these trying times.

“Thanks,” Dee said after swallowing the miniscule sip of fluid and then spent a few minutes concentrating on keeping the fluid down. “I hate this sort of uphill battle with my body. Let me give you a piece of advice,” looking over to Chimara, sounding like the Jedi was trying to perk herself up. “If you ever get shot by slugthrowers on a back water hole where a medpack is looked at as being leaps and bounds better medical treatment then what the local doctor can provide, make sure to get a full medical scan soon afterwards.”

Pausing for a moment, Dee then continued. “After a month the scar was healing fine but seems I picked up a little freeloader when I was lying in the dirt after being shot. It was having a wonderful time growing and feasting on my insides. From what I can piece together, Fen found me in not too good a shape in my office and I was brought to “The Hope” for emergency surgery.”

Dee’laan lay quiet for a while and motioned for another sip of fluid. Her taste buds must be shot; the medics couldn’t possibly have given her something this vile when they were attempting to encourage her to start drinking.

Looking off across the room, Dee spoke up. “Chimara, have you ever had a vision while you were ill? You know how most are like a holovid, you’re watching something you are not a part of, like being a fly on the wall. Have you ever had one where it was first person? Where you experience everything, every sense, not just sight and sound but taste, smell, emotion? Where it seems like it is all actually happening to you?”

For a few moments Dee was silent. Facing Chimara, a very quiet Jedi spoke. “I relived part of my mother’s last day. I experienced her death.” Dee’laan’s thin fingers traced the incision scar on her side knowing if her mother had survived, she too would have an identical mark.

“I’ve come to realize what a double-edged sword the Force is; both blessing and curse. The Force is balance of all things. That vision was both blessing and curse. I will forever have etched in my memory the utter cruelty of those troopers opening fire on that unsuspecting clan with large scale weapons. Forever will I remember the pressing of the trooper’s booted foot crushing down on my mother’s back pushing through the shrapnel that had pierced her side. Forever will I remember to the smells of shock and fear along with the screams and cries of the confused and dying Jawas.”

“Counterpointing this is was being able to witness, experience the truly deep love held between my parents. The smell that only a Jawa can understand, the look, the touch where no words are necessary.”

Closing her eyes for a moment, touching her side, Dee formed her next thought. “This vision was a reminder that my parents have always been a part of me, will always be a part of me. In death, they have become part of the unseen world, joined with the Force, part of the greater universe. The scar will serve to jar my memory when I forget that.”

“And it has cemented my resolve to continue to serve the Rebellion. No government should allow its citizens’ to be treated with such disrespect, so inhumanly, with such brutality.” Her statement carries no anger, no hatred but the weight of her position, her title, the job she must do.

Motioning once more for another drink of the vile fluid, Dee takes a larger drink. Passing back the bottle, she takes hold of the hand of the human she considers family. “Thanks sister,” said in a tone to express the tiny Jedi’s gratitude for Chimara’s friendship.

Chimara smiled and was thinking as Dee spoke. The idea of anyone not being treated as an equal was something she as a human could never understand.

"You know, i do remember something like what you described." She adjusted her seating but did not let go of Dee's hand.

"It was between the agony of me cutting off my own hand and when Radis woke me up." She paused, "Remember the Exar amulet stuff." She shook her head, "anyways I'm not sure i lost consciousness. I remember stuff between those two events."

"I was standing in the Jedi temple on CoruscantDressed in full jungle clone trooper armor, minus helmet, and with all my weapons. I was a commander and male." She had a confused look. "The fact that i was male was one of the reasons I remember it so well."

"Anyways, I think i was there to report, confess or tell an ugly truth because something horrible had happened. I don't remember but it was something i was told not to do but felt it was my duty. I was full of emotion and had no idea how to explain it."

She paused and let go of Dee's hand so she could act out the fact that she was carrying something in her arms. "I was carrying something. Something precious. Something i wasn't sure what do do with."

"And then i was in pain on the ground with Radis." Chimara said in a matter of fact.

“Perhaps someday you will be able to sort out the meaning of this vision. Or see it again in a fuller version. Oh that we had a temple and masters to turn to for guidance in these matters. But we only have each other. I wonder if any of the others have ever had these experiences. And what was their reaction? I can only imagine there are a few who would just ignore it and wish for it to never happen again.”

Nodding her head, Dee’laan spoke, “One more reason we need to see the Jedi order continue and survive. It may never be quite the same as it was from an organizational standpoint, but the basic order needs to survive. Lightside Force users need a path to follow and guidance, at this time possibly more so than at any other in history.” Taking as deep of a breathe as she dared and exhaling, she continued. “Now if I or we could come up with some way to get through to the others.”

Dee’laan was starting to look tired. This was the longest she had been awake in days.

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