A Visit To Dash

Jynx walked through the halls, heads turning after her direction as she went by. Heels clicked on the polished floor as she sauntered in her tailored military nurse uniform down the medical wing, hand made rag doll squib in one hand, a bag of goodies in the other.

She ignored the whistles and catcalls.

She waved an ID at a guard posted outside one of the doors. He took in the woman before him, his eyes widening at seeing the bolded word Major on the badge. Eyes snapping up to hers, standing at attention, he opened the door and closed it after her.

A man lay on the bed, one arm handcuffed to the rail. His other arm was bandaged, the linen strips also wrapped around his chest. The man eyed her, a smile creeping onto his face as he laid his head back on the pillow. "Well well…" he mused. "Come back to finish the job?"

Jynx smiles as she sits in a chair beside the bed and sets the rag doll squib she made on the bed. It is a grey doll with red zig-zagging stitches on the belly, a missing ear, and a bandaged tail. Dash smiles when he sees it, looking Jynx in the face.

"How are you doing?" she asks, pulling some real food (no the yuck yuck med bay crap) out of the bag and moving to sit on the edge of the bed so she can help him eat.

"Well" he begins, sitting up a little straighter " considering you blew off my arm…"

Jynx gives him a sly look and holds up a strip of braised nerf for him on a plastic fork. "I put it back…I could have left it" she smiles.

Dash considers her for a moment, taking the nerf from the fork. "I'm glad you decided to give it back…It'll make my line of work a lot harder with only one hand." He takes another strip from the fork, his hand slowly moving up to rest on her thigh. He winces as he moves his hand up to rest there. "It'll make other things harder to do as well."

Jynx glances down, a sad smile on her face, she removes his hand. "I told you, Dash…I'm taken."

He smiles, looking up into her eyes. "I know."

Staring at him for a long moment, she is about to speak when he interrupts her. He moves his hand back up, hiding the pain as he does so, and gently rubs her knee. "Cause any more trouble?" He asks her.

She lets his hand stay where it is for the moment, changing up the nerf strips for some tubers in gravy and a drink from her flask. He gives her an appreciative look at the taste of the flask. "What is that?" He asks, curious. "I've never tasted anything like it before, and it's good."

"It's called Hira'Ku" she says, capping the flask so she can give him a bit more food. "It's from where I was born and raised."

"It's good." He smiles. "I'd like to visit that place when I get out, find me some of this…Hira'Ku…and a woman as beautiful as you."

She eyes him.

"But as I was asking…any trouble?" He gives her knee a gentle squeeze.

"Not really. I mean, I haven't blown anyone's arm off in a while" she winks. "Just the same old same old."

"You never talk about your missions" he pouts. "I'm bored being in here all damn day."

"I can't tell you about my missions, Dash" she sighs,taking a drink out of her own flask. "Command has ordered me not to…not until you are better. I want you to get better."

Dash smiles a heart warming smile. Normally her heart would melt, she would swoon, but being away from ChiChi has caused her to think about getting home to him all the more. She returns his smile, it is the least she can do.

"I want to get better too" he says. "If it means time in the field under you, Major" he says as she gives him another nip.

Astonished, she looks down at him. "What makes you think I'm a major?" she asks.

He laughs a little and smiles, taking her in. "Your ID badge helps."

Oops she thinks. O well, the damage is done. "I see" she blushes.

"You're cute when you blush…" he says, rubbing her knee again.

"Dash" she begins to chide.

He flashes the smile, all innocence on his part. "It's true. Besides…I enjoy your company….and the outfit. The outfit helps cheer me up a lot, Nurse Zzingnut." he chuckles. "That is obviously a fake name though."

"Reon, though" he says, testing it as he does. "That is real. Reon…a beautiful name."

Jynx feeds him another tuber. "It's a name, Dash, that's all it is."

Jynx feels the heat in her cheeks when he mentions it. He mistakes the anger for a blush.

"Blushing again" he smiles to himself, chewing slowly. "Your man," he says a bit more seriously. "He's like me then? A solider."

Stifling a laugh, she looks at him with bemused eyes only. Thinking of ChiChi, no taller than this man's waist, helpless in combat without her or Kas. "What makes you assume that?" She asks.

"Your wedding band" he points out. "A grenade pin…that's really cute, Major. Only a solider would do something like that." He frowns. "Damn, that is a good idea. Give a gal…a fellow demolitions chick….a grenade pin for a wedding band. That really is something…"

Jynx peers down at the band and smiles to herself. Fred gave her a real ring, it was still in it's box on the ship. ChiChi gave her something that most humans would laugh at…indeed, that a few HAD laughed at. She wondered if he did it because he knew she would like it or if because in his culture, it was something prized. Either was, it was a loving and intimate gesture.

Seeing the fondness in her eyes, the far away place, Dash slowly works his hand back up her thigh. Jynx closes her eye and smiles, then opens them and looks as Dash. She sighs. "If you want to touch my knee, that's one thing…but anything above that is off limits, Dash." She removes his hand back to her knee. "Comply or I'll sit back in the chair."

Smiling mischievously he winks at her. "Yes, mam'" he turns it around on her. "I like a woman who can take charge, especially so young, Major…one daring enough to blow a man" he teases.

Jynx riffles his hair and smiles. "You are such a trouble maker" she says.

"We'd make a great team" he grins.

Jynx considers it for a moment. "Maybe, if you get better." Then realizing the double meaning she eyes him and rises. He reaches out after her, then winces sharply and eases back down. "In field, of course and nothing else of course."

Frowning, a flash of anger in his eyes for a moment and then gone. He watches Jynx dispose the garbage, slip the flask into her garter, and straighten the squib toy on the small table beside him. The card she made him is still there as well.

"How long till you come back?" he asks, eagerly.

"A few months…hopefully next time I meet you it will not be in the med-bay" she says, hands on her hips. "Maybe in uniform…hopefully back in the field…on our side this time" she arches an eyebrow.

"You like um in uniform eh?" he asks playfully. "What ever happened to my stuff? I think you'd enjoy my bomber look a bit better than a uniform…I saw the way you looked at me back at the base."

Jynx lets her eyes rove over him, his body strong despite the bandages. Muscles peeking through here and there. She shudders…human contact…she pushes it out of her mind. Trouble, remember? Trouble. She looks back up into his face, not care if she got caught looking. "You're right…I love the jacket. It's a bit too big for me at the moment, but I plan to have it taken in."

Looking at her in surprise, before Dash can speak she turns to leave. "Be good, get better…I'd love to work with you, Dash, I really would."

Exiting, she can hear him yelling for her through the door. Was it a mistake?she wonders as she walks down the hall. Was it a mistake to visit? To get involved? She hoped not.

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