Abyssin are humanoid bipeds with long limbs, thin, well-muscled bodies and swarthy, weather-beaten faces. Their upper and lower jaws protrude slightly, giving their mouths a vaguely spherical appearance, and their teeth are rather large and white in comparison to the rest of their face. They are omnivorous. Their most distinctive feature is the single, slit-pupilled eye situated in the middle of their forehead.
Dexterity 1D+2/4D
Knowledge 1D/3D+2
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 1D/3D
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 1D/2D+2
Regeneration: Abyssin have this special ability at 2D. They may spend beginning skill dice to improve this ability as if it were a normal skill. Abbysin roll to regenerate after being wounded using these skill dice instead of their Strength attribute – but turn “days” into “hours.” So, an Abyssin who has been wounded rolls after three standard hours instead of three standard days to see if he or she heals. In addition, the character’s condition cannot worsen (and mortally wounded characters cannot die by rolling low).
Move: 8/12
Pip Cost: 1

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