Accounting For A Bounty

Normally Bespin has not been a problem location for me to travel to. Not this time though some of it had to do with who was on that mission. Vandin is a definite loose cannon. Though there is no saying if we could have made a deal with that bounty hunter and even if we did, he may still have seen to our acquiring Imperial bounties for being possible members of the Rebel Alliance. I better send a message before he finds out on his own.

Picking up the black comm, Dee makes the call.

As usual, the droid answers and Dee gives it the message: Please inform Lord Xakon that while on a mission on Cloud City, our entire group had a run in with a bounty hunter. We got away but he had Imperial bounties issued on all of us for 5,000 credits for possibly being members of the Rebel Alliance. I believe mine is under the name Dee only. I have not had a chance to confirm that is the only name on it. I thought it best to let you know as soon as possible.


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