The Adarians are native to the mountainous world of Adari and are immediately recognizable by their elongated skull, which has a large hole completely piercing the head from side to side. It is possible to peer through this hole, giving rise to a number of “empty-headed” jokes (none of them ever repeated in the company of Andarians).
The average Adarian stands about 1.7 meters tall: females average about five to 10 centimeters taller than males but have more slender builds. Adarians have a standard humanoid physiology and their skin varies from gray-blue to green to a startling yellow. Mottling, while rare, tends toward yellow coloration and can be found on the neck and around the upper body.
Dexterity 1D+1/3D+1
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 1D/3D+2
Strength 1D+2/3D+2
Technical 2D/4D+1
Adarian Long Call: Time to use: Two rounds. By puffing up the throat pouch (which takes one round), an Adarian can emit the subsonic vocalization known as the long call. This ultra-low-frequency emission of sound waves has a debilitating effect on a number of species (particularly Humans), causing disorientation, stomach upset, and possible unconsciousness. Any character standing within five meters of an Adarian who emits a long call suffers 3D stun damage. Strength may be used to resist this damage, but plugging the ears does not help, since it is the vibration of the brain and internal organs that does the damage.
The long call may only be used safely three times per standard day; on the fourth and successive uses of he long call in any 24-hour period, an Adarian suffers stun damage himself or herself (but can use Strength to resist this damage). The long call has no debilitating effects on other Adarians. It can, however, be heard by them up to a distance of 20 kilometers in quiet, outdoor settings.
Languages: When speaking languages that require precise pronunciation (Basic, for example), an Adarian suffers a -1D penalty to this skill. When speaking languages that rely more on tonal variation (Wookiee, for example), the Adarian suffer no penalty.
Search: When conducting a search that relies upon sound to locate an object or person, an Adarian receives a +2D bonus, due to his or her extended range of hearing. Adarians can hear in the ultrasonic and subsonic ranges, so thus will be able to hear machinery or people at extremely long distances (up to several kilometers away).
Move: 10/12
Pip Cost: 2

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