Adnerem are a tall, slender, dark-gray species dominant on the planet Adner. The Adnerem's head is triangular with a wide brain pan and narrow face. At the top of the head is a fleshy-looking lump, which may appear to humans to be a tumor. It is, in fact, a firm, hollow, echo chamber which functions as an ear. Adnerem are bald, except for a vestigial strip of hair at the lower back of the head. Female Adnerem often grow this small patch of hair long and decorate their braids with jewelry.
Dexterity 1D/3D
Knowledge 1D+2/4D+2
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 1D+2/4D+2
Strength 1D/3D
Technical 1D/2D
Pip Cost: 1

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