Advanced Skills

Advanced skills are handled a little differently than standard skills and specializations..

Advancement and Acquisition:

It Generally costs 7,000 Credits , 2 Seminar OR 1 Interactive, AND a few Character points (generally 2) to acquire an advanced skill. See the Sparks Judges handbook for more specific details as these rules can change.

Advancement of the skills costs 2X the Die code to gain one pip.

1D -> 1D+1 would cost 2 Character Points.
1D+1 -> 1D+2 would cost 2 Character Points.
1D+2 -> 2D would cost 2 Character points..
2D -> 2D+1 would cost 4 Character points.

Function: Advanced skills can be used Independently or in conjunction with their "base skill"


Armor Repair of 6D + 1D (A) Armor Engineering could be used to make basic repairs on a damaged suit of armor or modify its protection values..

(A) Armor Engineering by its self would be needed to make drastic alterations to the armor or build a custom "new" type of armor.

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