Taylor watches the squib wandering the hallways. Since he is not hitting on her she lets him go, and Taylor finds time to have a quiet lunch. After lunch Taylor see's ChiChi again wandering the hallways. "He is up to something," Taylor says to herself under her breath.

The squib has a note pad and his attention in the highest points of the ever changing walls of Xakon's home. "ChiChi?" Her voice cause the squib to jump a little. He tries to not act surprised, but even Taylor could see she pulled him out of deep concentration.

"Is something wrong?" Taylor knew after she asked that ChiChi could never admit something was wrong (or that what he was doing was wrong). Covering her tracks Taylor offered a more direct question. "What are you doing?" The squib gets a slight gleam. His mischievous smile tells Taylor she wasn't going to get any good answers soon from the squib. About to give up Taylor lets her attention wander.
"Have you ever figured out how to map this place? It is going to take my master squib skills and years of training to fully map this place."

Once again the squib has keen insight. Xakon's place is hard to figure out. The walls change and just when you think you know the way - it's changed. Puzzled Taylor's face changed to the thoughtful problem solving known for the engineer.

"Your right, again ChiChi. So I guess your going to crack the code?"

The squib's small chest inflates, "Of course."

"Just a thought have you considered mapping or applying astrogative mapping techniques?"

The squib shoots a glance at Taylor, "Of course I have I am Supeā€¦.." Taylor nodded and waited until the squib was done with his many qualifications and accolades. She had learned long ago it is easier and faster to just let the squib boost.

Taylor continued to her room leaving the squib to his work.

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