Affect Mind

Affect Mind
Control Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – for perceptions, modified by proximity
spaceE (10) – for memories, modified by proximity
spaceM (15) – for conclusions, modified by proximity
Sense Difficulty
spaceTarget’s Control or Perception Roll
Alter Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – for slight, momentary misperceptions, minor changes to distant memories or if
space space sthe target really doesn’t care
spaceE (10) – for brief, visible phenomena, memories less than a year old or if the target feels
space space ssome emotion about the conclusion they are reaching
spaceM (15) – for short hallucinations, memories less than a day old or if the target has strict
space space sorders about the conclusion they are reaching
spaceD (20) – for slight disguises to facial features, hallucinations which can be sensed by
space space stwo senses, memories less than a minute old or if the matter involving the
space space sconclusion is extremely important to the target
spaceVD (25) – for hallucinations which can be sensed by all senses, if the memory change is
space space sa major one or if the logic is absolutely clear and coming to the wrong
space space sconclusion is virtually impossible

Effect – This power can alter the target’s Perception so that they sense an illusion or fail to see what the user of the power does not want them to see. This power is used to permanently alter a target character's memories so that he remembers things incorrectly or fails to remember something. This power can be used to alter a character's conclusions so that he comes to an incorrect conclusion.

Before making skill rolls, the Force-user must describe exactly what effect she is trying to achieve. The power is normally used on one target; two or more targets can only be affected if the power is used two or more times.

The target believes he is affected by any successful illusion - a character who thinks he is struck by an illusionary object would feel the blow. If he thought he was injured, he would feel pain, or if he thought he had been killed, he would go unconscious. However, the character suffers no true injury.

This power has no effect on droids or recording devices.

Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.149

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