After A Grand Moff Parting Information

Now i'm not too sure about the accuracy of that report. As I recall
none of the freighters were hit in that battle. Can't say the same
about yer so called "Orange Squadron". I flown tougher lanes earning
me pilots license.

Now the real story here ain't some red herring bout a giant space
station, which is bout as likely as the Katana fleet in my opinion.
Nah, the real story is T'Thokk. You shoulda seem him fight. Knocked the
guy on his arse, and that was just the bouncer. I think we've got the
next contender here.

E'Rol 'Bruce' Rivas
Best Bush Pilot in the Outer Rim Territories

edit: Read the other post again: "A shuttle appeared at the expected point and was so swiftly ionized that even the freighters were able to hit it." clearly states that the shuttle was ionized.

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