After A Grand Moff Report From Pola Panallal

From the Memoirs of Pola Panallal…

All available personnel were assembled because of a new Imperial agent
with a new title: Grand Moff Tarkin. Supposedly traveling light in a
modified Lambda class shuttle to rendevous with Darth Vader on Vader's
Star Destroyer, the Rebel Alliance determined Tarkin's supposed travel
route and wanted to capture this so-called Grand Moff alive, plus his
working documents, at a point were the shuttle would have to drop out
to change vectors. I glanced at Radis and he nodded, two memebrs of
Orange Squadron should be plenty to protect the others from this
obvious trap! I winced to see Gen. Ascott with the boarders, as I
expected this to be a waste of his time, but his level of skill would
be required to access the Grand Moff's files (if any).

A shuttle appeared at the expected point and was so swiftly ionized
that even the frieghters were able to hit it. The boarding seemed to
go smoothly, while Orange Squadron vigilantly circled, waiting for the
other grav-boot to drop. Sure enough, a Star Destroyer! launching
TIEs, as if that would help any.

Midway through obliterating the second dozen TIEs, the jamming on the
shuttle ceased long enough for an inquiry from the boarding party on
how we were doing. "On schedule!" I cried, flippantly. They needed a
little more time, so we continued, on schedule, destroying the
remaining TIEs.

Instead of a third dozen TIEs, a measly three are launched next and an
escape pod ejected from the shuttle. "I'll destroy whomever meddles
with the pod" comes across the intercom, and we get a bad feeling
about this ace pilot….and about the Star Destroyer beginning to
move. Tractor beams failed to lock as the pod accelerated beyond
expectation, but the boarders had all returned and General Ascott
indicated that we had the desired records. Well, pierce my ears and
call me drafty, Tarkin was on the shuttle after all. Mission mainly
successful, although the Grand Moff got away.

Later, scuttlebutt indicates some blueprints for a ship larger than a
torpedo sphere! Gen. Ascott says it is feasible, but I suspect
disinformation. Well, it will give the Intel boys something to do…

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