Please Note: As of the events just before CodCon 2011, this character no longer exists. No official record of him remains after this date.


Character Name: Aierobu
Rebellion Rank: Freelance Agent
Primary Role: Bodyguard and Luggage Boy for Dr. Melisaande

Species: Rodian
Homeworld: Rodia (currently in exile)
Age: 21
Height: 1.50m
Weight: 57kg
Ship: Donald


  • "So there I was at the gambling tables, innocently minding my own sabacc when this fool comes and puts his ship on the table! And what do I do? Well, I'll tell you what - I let him! It was an unfortunate thing, him dying like that. Poor fool never saw the blaster bolt coming, shot dead on the sabacc table by someone he must have pissed off. Too bad, too - he had a better hand than I did! So what did I do then? I took the ship, of course! And then I heard about this here race and figured… why not?" - Aierobu, trying to distract the opposition before flying in the Wandering Bantha with Lyta "Crash&Burn" Miris Ben Iblis for The Great Space Race
  • "Don't worry - this is just plan C. When we get to plan F, you should worry." Aierobu to Slik, before they jumped out of a crashing ship without a parachute

Physical Appearance

Short by his species' standard, Aierobu's lighter blue-green skin marks him as a descendant of one of the northern tribes. He has a short plume of cropped, dark orange hair. In most situations he wears a off-white pilot's jumpsuit under a yellow blast vest. The jumpsuit is exchanged for a black combat jumpsuit and black blast vest during any situation where conflict is probable. Aierobu's back is covered in a nest of poorly-healed burns and scars, but this is almost always covered.


In a word, mercurial. At one moment Aierobu can be meditating in a near trance-state. The next, he may be animatedly bargaining a Jawa out of their prized possessions. A second later he's in a snarling battle rage as he is ripping apart beings with his bare hands. The only constant is Aierobu's absolute dedication to his duty - if you can win it, he's a fearsome ally to have on your side.

Character Background


Aierobu was born to the small Chekkoo Clan on Rodia. They were hoping Aierobu was the brutal warrior who would fight in the Arena and bring prestige and honor back to the Chekkoo. With his thin frame and relatively weak physique, Aierobu was a disappointment from the outset. The elders of the Chekkoo clan quickly shipped Aierobu off planet and exiled him. He spent a year with a freighter captain, learning the ropes of the galaxy.
During a deal gone bad, Aierobu was mortally wounded. He was rescued by a young Mon Calamari medic (Melisaande), who tended his wounds and nursed him to health over several days. On awakening, Aierobu realized he had incurred a life-debt. Since that time, Aierobu has accompanied Melisaande as her errand boy and bodyguard. When Dr. Melisaande joined the Rebellion, Aierobu accompanied her. Since that time he has informally assisting the Rebellion on any mission that Melisaande is assigned to.

Detailed Background Story

The infochant mused as the Rodian walked out his door. So, a little Rodian now owes him a favor. That Aierobu could refuse was no matter; given enough time and information he would easily manipulate Aierobu into doing whatever he wanted. The trick was to find out what made Aierobu tick; his motivations would help determine what tasks he wouldn't refuse. A quick search on Aierobu's name revealed little, but it did return that Aierobu was born a member of the Chekkoo clan. The infochant smiled. The Chekkoo clan leader was an unfortunately honorable Rodian, but his sub-chief owed quite a few favors. The infochant turned to his communications relay and placed the call. Soon, the story of Aierobu would be his.

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Off-Camera Scenes (i.e. Down time Role Play)

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