Aierobu Background: File 1

File 1
Communique From: Sub-Chief Inakwa of the Chekkoo Clan, Rodia

It was an inauspicious day. Tyrus had risen too high into the Rodian sky, the day had grown too hot, and the flesh-hunting flies were earning their moniker in earnest. Elsewhere it would be remembered as the day the Jedi were exterminated; it would be remembered as the end of the Republic and the beginning of tyranny. But for the Chekkoo clan, it was an inauspicious day for an even greater blight of Fate. It was the day that Aierobu was begotten.

The Chekkoo were already suffering as their enemy, the Chattza clan, was rising to power. Navik the Red, a Chattza, was Grand Protector of Rodia and the Chekkoo dared not oppose the Grand Protector openly. But the Chekkoo… they trained their youth in earnest. Each boy was disciplined twice as hard, and each girl was scolded twice as often. The youths were taught to hunt before they could walk - even their mothers gave them spearheads to teethe on. The Chekkoo devoted everything to their youth and the day they would topple the Chattza. But when the Chekkoo looked to the gods of Rodia and asked for the one who would lead them against the Chattza, the gods spat upon them with the disease known as Aierobu.

Aierobu was no warrior. He was no smith, no artisan… not even a passable hunter. No, Aierobu's only talents lie in reading useless books and performing parlor tricks. He was a disgrace to his father, to his clan, and to his species. Seeing no other use for this worthless waste from his loins, his father set him about in a merchant's shop. To even further his father's disgrace, Aierobu seemed to have a talent for the warfare of merchants - bartering. In school he would wheedle children's lunch money from out of their hands for a stone he had found at the jungle's edge a day earlier.

But no disgrace surpassed Aierobu's 'magic tricks'. Charlatan that he was, he would make pebbles fly about in the air or tell women when their men were returning from the hunt. The weaker minded Chekkoo believed Aierobu was a great magician, one that would lead them against the Chattza. Obviously, this would have lead instantly to the end of all Chekkoo. The elders decided with Aierobu's father in the dark of a single night. Aierobu was told he would trade with a neighboring system. The freighter captain was told not to bring him back under any circumstance.

That is all I was able to find about him, Sullustan. But I will tell you one other thing - his name is not welcome here.

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