Aierobu Background: File 2

File 2
Communique From: Captain Atakwa of the Lone Quasar

Oh aye, I remember the lad. Rodian, green as they come … and I don't mean his skin. Seemed as though he had done some wrong by his own - they paid me to berth him and paid me again to make sure he never came back. Didn't seem as though he was surprised, or at least he caught on quick when I told him I wasn't takin' him back. Not a day off-world to his name but he was a smart one, that he was. Before the night was out he'd managed to git me to take him on as a hand, 'till he could find his own way. What can I say? He told a good tale.

And that weren't all that he did, no. Before my ship had finished three runs Aierobu was handling all my business dealings. My supplies were coming cheaper; my pay was getting better. That Aierobu could talk his way out of a bounty and leave the hunter to starve, he could. And he never took more than anyone could give. He'd bargain and wheedle, cajole and deal but he always cut a fair trade. My business was good, but my return business was even better.

He stayed on with me 'bout a year, but I knew he wasn't with us for the long haul. He read too much - you couldn't stop him. Every planet we came to, every species we met… he learned everything he could. He was always searching for somethin', always looking. All I knows is there was this one time he got to talking about who he was. But he didn't harp on it and soon 'nuff we were back to Sabacc. He always threw his hand right before he'd break some poor lad fool enough to play him.

Came a time when we did a run for the Rebs on Dac; medical supplies, they said it was. As we was leaving he looked away in the sky though nothing was there and said the Empire was comin'. I said it wasn't our business and we were pullin' anchor. He smiled and said his goodbyes, and I shook his hand.

Caught up with him a year later, when we was doin' runs in Crucible. He never did join up with the Rebellion; I never reckoned he would. But he's been playin' bodyguard for a Mon Cal and gettin' himself beat up real good. When I saw him his whole back was covered in bandages from having it burnt off by some Imp. But he was smilin' ear stalk to ear stalk. Said he'd learned a lot. Hah! I swear that's a tale this old man can believe.

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