Aierobu Background: File 3

File 3

Interrogation Record, Lieutenant Kelari, 247th day of the 24th standard year of his highness the Emperor's reign. Subject: Aierobu. Species: Rodian. Age: Approximately 20 standard years. Height: 1.5 meters. Weight: 57 kgs. Distinguishing features: none. 4th Day of Incarceration.

Begin report: Subject in question is one of several subversive operatives that were captured during a counter-insurgency raid - for full detail please refer to the mission report for Operation A7323J1X9. Of all captured subjects, this one is clearly the least interesting. He was moderately resistant to the mind probe, though I suspect this may simply have been due to his species' aberrant physiology.

Subject has been collaborating with the Rebellion for approximately one year. He is not a formal member of its command structure; as near as we can ascertain he is simply a bodyguard for a Mon Calamari doctor who saved his life once. (For the Mon Calamari's information, see Interrogation Record 5T7Y6 of this date). He has no appreciable skills other than with primitive weapons and as a merchant.

Subject is also a devout believer in the Ancient Religions, though he clearly has no formal training of any appreciable sort. He has no detectable ability to perform any manipulations.

He has participated in some minor insurgency operations but is otherwise an inconsequential capture. He is likely not worth incarceration and thus I recommend his elimination. End of Interrogation Report.

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