A Last Word

Setting: A small, mountainous vista backlit by a clear night sky.
Timing: Unknown.

Disclaimer: The event below is purely out of character for all characters in the campaign. Please keep the information out of character or don't read any further. Thanks.

A lone howl echoes against the peaks of the mountains in the distance. A small campfire flickers. Against the darkness, a small humanoid figure sits in a full lotus on a mesa. In front of him is a small object; a dark red crystal pulsing quietly against the night's shadows. The humanoid breathes slowly, his muscles barely moving as he continues his meditative trance.

Countless minutes pass before the figure moves. It inhales deeply, summoning the energy of the universe into himself for a single moment. It then exhales, a blue cloud escaping his snout before surrounding the dark crystal. The cloud hovers around the crystal before being drawn inside, merging with the red of the crystal to produce a brillant green glow. In the new light Aierobu's features can be made out, his large eyes reflecting the crystal's glow in many of its facets.

"Okay, that's supposed to work," he says quietly as he squares himself to the crystal. "If this is to record my personality as well as my knowledge, I guess I should introduce myself? So I'm Aierobu. Where I was born or my life's story doesn't really matter. I suppose some context does, though. If you can find where in history the fight between the Galactic Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire occurred on Yavin, it's about two cycles since then. About thirteen years ago Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66, exterminating the Jedi in the galaxy. Those that remain were either never formally trained, or more commonly are just inept fools.

"That never stopped me from wanting to be one, as soon as I'd learned about my connection to the Force. Where or who doesn't matter - what does matter is that I finally met the Jedi I'd heard so much about and asked them what would happen to a being like me. And I was told that I was too old to be trained, so I'd be taught enough to be safe and sent to a remote world to help crops grow.

"Obviously, I was angry. I never realized how much until I was imprisoned in an Imperial cell for almost six months. One day they made the mistake of sending two guards in to check on us. I still remember how delightfully wicked the Force felt as I reached out to them both, sending them into each other before planting them in the durasteel wall. In retrospect they died too quickly, but I was just learning at the time.

"And no," Aierobu says as he straightens a leg against its numbness, "this isn't a trick. This imprint is balanced, neither evil nor good. Because I am. A long time ago a Jedi named Cryshok realized that if light and dark raged in the force, it rages in us all. He embraced both, and his disciples named the Brotherhood for him. Before I truly fell, the Brotherhood took what little remained of me in. And I wanted them.

"It's been a few cycles since then. And so, as promised, I will leave my knowledge of the Force in this device. But I will also finish my tale, should you be interested. I sense that my time as a Brother is soon to be altered irrevocably or halted altogether, and though I embrace change I thought to record who I was before it happened. Perhaps I myself will find this recording someday and remember. Perhaps another will know that I existed.

"Anyway, the Brothers all but one are cloistered in monasteries far away from the world. They pursue only their personal balance; that of the Force itself is irrelevant to them. I suspect they are consumed by the first of the dark side's weapons - fear. Fear to step on a blade of grass, fear to feel anger or to know peace.

"As you can surmise, I and one other did not. We fought, not only to balance within ourselves but also to restore balance to the Force. You see, the Jedi believe that the Force exists in its pure form as the light side, which the dark side corrupts and they fight to remove that corruption. The Sith believe the opposite, that the dark side is pure and the light is the contaminant. The Brothers believe they, as all beings, contains both light and dark which are healthiest when balanced equally. So I asked - if this is true, why should balance not be restored to the Force? The Jedi themselves have a prophecy, that one shall be born to bring balance to the Force. Who better than a Cryshok?

"And we have tried. The dark side is very strong now, and we have fought alongside the light. But the champions of the light have fallen, and those who remain calling themselves Jedi are largely fools. This pushed us further and further into the light. We struggled mightily, trying for all we could to keep ourselves in balance while we fought to restore that which the universe had lost. For a while, we thought we could maintain ourselves by studing the most foul knowledges that existed. For a time, this even worked. I myself have learned much of alchemy, but I careened out of balance, falling to the dark side. I was rescued by my other companion at his own expense, before others could end my suffering. But now, I sense this time is coming to an end.

"I go soon to my fate, though I know not what I shall find. Perhaps I will be reborn, or perhaps I will be given penance for all that I have done. But before I go, I leave all that I have learned. What I have gleaned of alchemy, the secret techniques of the Brotherhood, and all other manipulations I can teach you are here. But know this - what you find here will imperil anyone who firmly follows either light or dark. My essence will remain to guard this, not as some means to hoard my gained intellect but as a protection to you who have found this.

"Go now, be safe. I will bury this device into the rock and meditate until I have forgotten I created it; when the mountain crumbles into the sea below this device will again be found, and the story will continue once more. It's the story of one who was refused by the light and seduced by the dark, but who never stopped serving the Force itself. My time to tell the story has ended, but I pray that you will have the strength to do what we could not."

The young Rodian stands, his back to the newly forged holocron for the first time since its birth. He kneels to the ground beneath him and meditates, his hands taking on purple flourescence. His fingers carved into the rock as if it were mere dirt, forming a small hole deep within the mesa. Into this hole he carefully places the holocron before covering it once more with rock and smoothing the surface. Thus hidden, Aierobu turns to another rock and carves some words into its surface. He then meditates until he falls asleep under the night sky.

The next day, Aierobu awoke under the light of the sun above. The campfire had died out, and though he remembered his meditation he had forgotten a majority of last night. Confused, he began to meditate on these events when his eyes fell upon a short message, carved into the rock with a smooth precision.


And so he left, returning once more to his life among the stars.

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