Alien Medic

Alien Medic
Dex: 2D+2; blaster, dodge, running
Kno: 3D+2; alien species, bureaucracy, cultures, languages, planetary systems, survival, willpower
Mec: 2D+1; beast riding, repulsorlift operation, sensors, space transports
Per: 3D; command, con, hide, persuasion, search
Str: 2D+1; climbing/jumping, lifting, stamina, swimming
Tec: 4D; computer programming/repair, droid programming, droid repair, first aid
Species: (Bothan); or choose species from allowable alien list at –1 pip cost (Free – Carosite, Chev, Elomin, Flivian, Gacerite, Ishi Tib, Kel Dor, Khil, Klatooinan, Kubaz, Lurrian, Mon Calamari, NH-Kiffar (without psychometry), Nimbanese, Ortolan, Pa’lowick, Quarren, Snivian, Ubese-Yraj Pootzck, Woostoid; 1 Point – Adrarian, Cha’wen’he, Given, Lafrarian, NH-Hapan, NH-Lorrdian, Odenji, Pho Ph’eahian; 2 Points – Gand, Geonosian-Aristocrat, Gungan, NH-Kiffar (with pyschometry), Togruta, Trianii).
Special Abilities: (n/a); or as species.
Move: (9); or species minimum
Force Sensitive: Yes or No
Force Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 300
Equipment: comlink, field-medic kit (contains 3 medpacs and emergency materials like splints, bandages, high-potency painkillers and so forth), medical datapad, medical droid (all stats 2D except First Aid 4D), blaster pistol (4D).

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