Alien Student Of The Force In Hiding

Alien Student of the Force In Hiding
Dex: 2D+2; acrobatics, blaster, brawling parry, dodge, lightsaber, melee combat, melee parry
Kno: 2D+2; cultures, languages, planetary systems, streetwise, survival
Mech: 2D+1; beast riding, repulsorlift ops, space transports, starship gunnery
Per: 3D; bargain, con, hide, search, sneak
Str: 2D+1; brawling, climbing/jumping, stamina
Tech: 2D; computer programming/repair, first aid, security
Control: 1D
Sense : 1D
Alter: 1D
Species: Shistavanen(Racial Abilities: Night Vision - Shistavanens have excellent night vision and can see in darkness with no penalty.;(or may change to the following races:free- Abyssin, Adnerem, Advozsec, Anointed People, Anomid, Aqualish, Askajian, Berrite, Bimm, Bothan, Carosite, Chadra-Fan, Chev, Chevin, Chikarri, Devaronian, Drall, Dresselian, Duros, Elomin, Elom, Filvian, Gacerite, Gazaran, Geelan, Gerb, Gorothite, Gran, Ho'Din, Houk, Iotran, Ishi Tib, Issori, Jawa, Jiivahar, Kel Dor, Kerestian, Khil, Kitonak, Klatooinan, Krish, Krytollaks, Kubaz, Lasat, Lurrian, Mon Calamari, M'shinni, Nalroni, Neimoidian, NH-Borneck, NH-Echani, NH-Epicanthix, NH-Etti, NH-Kiffar (without pyschometry), NH-Wroonian, NH-Xa Fel, Nikto, Nimbanese, Nosaurian, Orfite, Ortolan, Pa’lowick, Quarren, Qwohog, Ranth, Rellarin, Revwien, Riileb, Rodian, Saurton, Shistavanen, Snivian, Squib, Srrors’tok, Sullustan, Sunesis, Svivreni, Talz, Tarro, Tasari, Tiss'shar, Trunsk, Twi'lek, Ubese-“True”, Ubese-Yraj Pootzck, Vernol, Weequay, Whiphid, 1 POINT - Adarian, Amanin, Arcona, Bith, Cerean, Cha’wen’he, Draedan, Farghul, Human, Ketton, Kian’thar, Kluuzot, Lafrarian, NH-Hapan, NH-Lorrdian, NH-Zelosian, Noehon, Odenji, Pho Ph’eahian, Poss’Nomin, Rybet (female), Rybet (male), Shashay, Shatras, Skrilling, Teltior, Toydarian, Tunroth, Tynnan, VaathKree, Vodran, Ysanna Nomads,
2 POINTS - Aramandi, Ebranite, Gand, Geonosian - Aristocrat, Gungan, Jenet, NH-Kiffar (with pyschometry), Tarong, Togorian, Togruta, Trianii, Verpine, ZeHethbra
Move: 10 (or species minimum
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Darkside Points: 1 or 2
Character Points: 5
Credits: 500
Equipment: comlink, datapad, blaster pistol (4D dmg), hooded cloak with hidden pocket (+1D to Hide), Merr Sonn stun baton (Str+2D+2 dmg; uncharged Str+1D dmg), broken unfocused lightsaber (5D dmg; color of choice; requires Difficult {20} Lightsaber Repair roll to repair; see rules for unfocused crystals).
Creation Notes: Force Powers: choose 1 Force power in each Force Skill or 1-2 Force powers combining Force skills (each used only once).
Known to the Hunters: For 1 calendar year after creation the character is being sought by Imperial Force Hunters, because they displayed use of the Force 1 year ago. If the Force-user or anyone making a skill or attribute roll that was modified by the Force-user through the use of the Force rolls over a 50 on any Control, Sense, Alter or Force power modified skill or attribute roll (excludes the spending of Force points unless they are used to modify one of the above mentioned rolls) in any event they prompt the Final Reckoning. If the Force-user avoids detection for a year, then they are no longer Known to the Hunters.
{Optional} If the character starts with 1 Dark Side Point, they are only Known to the Hunters for 6 more months instead of 1 year.

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