And Then There Were Six

Log Entry

I couldn't go to save Corbin.
He's dead. I saw the body on the Hope.
By he force what they did to him. He was just a KID!
Now the 7 of us are down to 6. We can barely look at each other. The sense of failure is overwhelming. We were supposed to band together and fight. But we never expected to be pulled in so many directions at once. Maybe we assigned ourselves too much duty to each other?

Arkansas and I are probably the most ok. I was watching him and he seemed natural, not tense, he has always been that way. He is easily the best of us, hands down there is no one on the Jedi path I respect more than him.

Dee blames us. She wont say but even my limited perceptions of body language say different; but it is our fault. She tried, and we had duties that pulled us from this pact, incapable of lending much to aid the team that went to get him. I was foolish to think we could place each other above our duty to the alliance. To think missions would wait while we rode in to save the day.

And now I am stuck owing a hutt for information that brought us nothing but death of a kid. My penance? I let the weakest of us slip into the hands of the empire. Force knows what they did to him, but I can only play it safe and know that we are comprised.

So now what?
The others think I am foolish, but I will not wait for Raddich to come and find me. It is time to know a little more about him. I doubt Vandin will be happy about this…. hopefully I can make him understand.


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