Androsta Shadowstar

Name: Androsta Shadowstar
Race: Pho Ph'eahian
Planet of Origin: Pho Ph'eah
Occupation: Ring Leader (of a three ring circus)
Height: 1.85 meters/6'0"
Weight: 97kg/214lbs
Hair: White
Gender: Male
Age: Late Teens (but really, how can you tell how old an alien is)
Rank: Jedi Knight
Quotes: "Just close the Door on him", "This will be Sooooo Easy", "Don't Shoot, Don't Shoot", "Not in the Face"

Background: A rare twist of genetics marked the birth of Androsta, unlike the rest of his blue furred kin, Androsta was born a partial Albino. His white fur marking him for some great event for the future of the Pho Ph'eahian race. With the Pho Ph'eahians beliefs that the body is the physical manifestation of ones spirit, Androsta's body must truly represent a being of spiritual purity. It was to be 5 years after his birth that some light would be shed on one possible future for Androsta.
It was near the end of the Clone Wars, when a Jedi General and his task force made a stop at Pho Ph'eah for repairs that Androsta came to the attention of the Jedi Order. After a brief holo conversation with Jedi Master Yoda, it was decided to send Androsta to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Upon arriving on Coruscant while still at the docking station, Order 66 was executed. Androsta happened to be in the Transport's main fresher instead of his cabin's personal when the 2 Clone Troopers burst into his assigned bunk room and started blasting. At that moment Androsta was overcome with fear, at both the noise and this strange sensation he had never felt before. Androsta bolted, running out of the ship before the troopers were able to locate him. Fleeeing into an unkown spaceport, Androsta hid upon the first transport he could find, only to be discovered by Torridan, who took him under his wing. What happens next is a tale for another time.

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