Animal Equipment

Equipment / Conveyances

Animal Gear Avalability Cost Quick Refrence
Coiling Tack 3 1000 NOT VALID IN SPARKS
Tranthebar Racing Harness 4, F 12500 +2D Beast Riding when fitted
Live Organism Comfort Conveyor 2 300 / 500 / 800 Case for Small Animal Transport

Animal Gear

Tranthebar Racing Harness
Model: leisure mechanicals TRHA-300 Control Harness
Type: Cybernetic avian symbiotic control harness
Skill: Beast riding: tranthebar
Cost: 12,500; the thrantebar, training fees, and registration fees are separate
Availability: 4, F
Game Notes:
Adds +2D to the user’s beast riding skill. The TRHA control harness is a series of external cyber-attachments that links the minds of the tranthebar mountain ripper and the rider, allowing them to share emotions and exchange thoughts.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 90-91)

Live Organism Comfort Conveyor
Model: Kolocast Consumer Goods T-P-C4 Live Organism Comfort Conveyor
Type: Animal transport and containment system
Cost: 300 (25 kilogram size), 500 (60 kilogram size), 800 (100 kilograms size)
Availability: 2
Game Notes:
Three different sizes available: small accommodates creatures up to 25 kilograms, medium up to 60 kilograms, and large up to 100 kilograms. Special orders can be made for larger needs.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 14)

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