Animal Training

Skills / Knowledge Skills

Time Taken: Hours to weeks.
Specializations: For specific animals — Tauntauns, Banthas, Womp Rats

This skill measures the ability to control common animals, though not to ride them. It is generally used to make animals perform tricks and follow commands. First a successful Animal Handling roll needs to be made by the person(s) attempting the training at the beginning of each training period (time taken period).

Sample Difficulties:
Trickspace space space space spaTypespaceDifficultyspace spaceTime Taken

Speak, Pursuespace space space spSimplespaceEasy (10)space space sp1D Hours
Pack Animal, Stayspace space spacEasyspace sModerate (15)space spac3D Hours
Carry Rider, Rescue/Retrievespace sAveragespacDifficult (20)space space1D Days
Attack, Guardspace space space spHardspace sVery Diff (25)space space3D Days
Search, Strategic Attackspace spacComplexspacHeroic (31+)space space2D Weeks

Domesticated non-predatory Animalsspace space space space+0
Domesticated Predatory Animalsspace space space space spa+5
Non-Domesticated non-Predator Animalsspace space space sp+15
Non-Domesticated Predatory Animalsspace space space space+20
Difficulty can be modified by the Gamemaster for the type of trick, type of creature and situational modifiers.

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