Another Crapy Vacation

Dear Diary,

The alliance sent us on 'vacation' that wasn't too bad. It was even on the expense account! But it would have been better if Squibie had been with me.

It's nice to sometimes relax, be treated to a spa with a good massuse who rubs you to sleep. Vandin and me pretended we were both holo-porn stars taking some time off getting into character before filming!

I was a bit down at having Kas'Tor make sure I had an assistant whose appearance a blast from a frag grenade would have vastly improved, but she was nice even if Kas'Tor was being a mother hen to me the entire time. I don't understand where all that is comming from. He wouldn't even let me into a smutt shop on planet to buy something both me and squibie would enjoy. After I commed Squibie about it, Kas'Tor actually bought me the outfit!

I also bought a little something else I am hopping (after seeing Sara's) will help to cure me of my problems concerning anatomical differnces and 'memmories' of Fred. I even had the box engraved to say The Problem Solver.

Kas'Tor introduced me to a contact that Xakon expressed we meet…it was too bad that relationship didn't go far. It makes me worry about things…

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