Anti Shock Blanket

Equipment / Medical / Stabilizing

Model: Fabreth Medical Biochemicals Shock Cloth
Type: Emergency blanket
Skill: First aid
Cost: 250
Availability: 2
Game Notes:

When attached to a medical scanner, computer, or datapad (not included), a shock cloth can prevent shock by administering medication to different parts of a patient’s body while simultaneously stabilizing his temperature.

This results in a +2D bonus to any first aid or (A) medicine skill rolls made to stabilize a wounded, dying, or incapacitated character.

A first aid roll is required for normal application (use medpac rules, but reduce difficulties by one level). The blanket’s medicines must be replenished after one use (normally costs about 20-40 credits).

Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 38), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 93)

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