Anti Time Space Displacement Field

Anti-Time/Space Displacement Field
Control Difficulty
spaceE (10)
Sense Difficulty
spaceM (15) – +1 per 3 meters radius attempted
Alter Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – serves as negative modifier to force travel or forces skill check in non-force using travelers.
Required PowersAbsorb/Dissipate Energy, Concentration, Danger Sense, Force Barrier, Telekinesis
Power may be kept ‘up’.
Effect – This power strengthens the natural fabric of the universe around the force user. Creature and Force-users who attempt to perform force travel, or any other attempt to break the time space continuum, will have to overcome this stronger natural resistance. Creatures/Force users who need to make a roll to rip the fabric of space/time will have their roll modified by the Alter skill check roll -5. Creatures who do not normally require a roll to time/space travel will require an Alter or willpower roll of greater than the fields Alter roll -10. If a creature tries to take the Jedi using this power out of his current time space location, the difficulty is modified by the Jedi’s full control roll that was used to activate the power. This skill has the added benefit of making creatures that are not fully corporeal shift fully into or fully out of existence. This negates the damage immunities/reductions of such creatures, or negates their ability to affect their surroundings.
Located – Developed for the Sparks Campaign by Brian Beecher and approved by SF7 Council

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