AR-3 Assault rifle

This assault rifle is a well known one, used by the Spec force infiltrator, Qualen Pennik. It supports both a scope and a recoil suppression stock, and has an integrated silencer and flash suppressor.

Game Stats
Range: 5-80/150/250
Damage: 5d+1 base. Add 1d for a three round burst (which adds 5 to the target number to hit)
ROF: 6 single shots, 4 bursts or full auto
Ammo: 30 or 36 round clips
Cost: 2250 credits, 40 credits per spare clip (unloaded), 300 for a box of 50 rounds

Special notes: If the user wishes to go full auto, this is the only action he can do in the round, much like a full dodge. He adds 5 to the target number to hit for every 3 rounds he wishes to send down range, and if hits, does +1d per 3 rounds used.

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