Bipedal humanoids, the Arcona are scales reptiles with triangular heads and large, glittering eyes, and their skin ranges in color from mahogany through gray to ebony and bears a resemblance to fibrous wood. In place of a nose, a bulbous, diamond-shaped heat sensing organ sits between their eyes.
Dexterity 1D+1/3D
Knowledge 1D/3D
Mechanical 1D+1/3D+1
Perception 1D+2/3D
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 1D/3D
Senses: Arcona have weak long distance vision (add +10 to the difficulty level of all tasks involving vision at distances greater than 15 meters), but excellent close range senses (add +1D to all Perception skills involving heat, smell or movement when within 15 meters).
Thick Hide: Arcona have tough, armored hides that add +1D to Strength when resisting physical damage.
Talons: Arcona have sharp talons which add +1D to Climbing, Strength (when determining damage in combat during Brawling attacks), or Digging.
Move: 8/10
Pip Cost: 2

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