Arelli Solitare
Arelli Solitare

Species: Human Female
Home World Bespin
Age: 22
Height: 5'4 5'8 with armor
Weight:110 lbs 120+ with armor
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Physical Description:

Not much is known beyond the outer plasteel surface of the bounty hunter armor. Obviously female, it appears that someone spray painted the suit pink, though there appears to be a faint detail of camo design beneath this. Seeing that most of the armor is covered in dings and nicks, as well as obvious blast marks some would merely think the bounty hunter within could care less about the spray paint. She also seems fon of carrying around crudely designed 'rodent repellers'.

Other bounty hunters often express the oppinion that the only 'bounty' worthy of Solitare is that of a rodent nature and see her as little more than a fancy exterminator.

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