Attuning The Crystals

This continuation of the lightsaber construction process is not required, but removes the inherent flaws in the lightsaber crystals like Focusing, and provides several benefits to the Attuned wielder. Attuning is actually done at the same time as Focusing the crystals, and increases the base difficulties of the Control, Sense, and Alter rolls to gain additional benefits. Attuning can only be accomplished if the character possesses the Control, Sense, and Alter Force skills. Attuning of the lightsaber crystals requires the character to specify a 4-hour event (module, mission, entire Seminar, or half of an Interactive) during which no other skill training or special missions may be accomplished, and that player cannot play any character as the time needed to go off and Attune the crystals. The player is encouraged, but not required to assist other judges during the time and event. The player will gain 3 character points for whatever the event is as their personal character development. It requires a Moderate (15) Control roll to create a bond to the lightsaber, a Very Difficult (25) Sense roll to detect the internal imperfections of the crystal, and a Very Difficult (25) Alter roll to repair the internal imperfections of the crystal. These rolls are considered one extended action over several weeks. There are a few available options, which the character can choose to modify these difficulties. The character must spend a Force Point at the beginning of the Attuning process. It will apply (double rolls) to all of the Control, Sense, and Alter rolls. This Force Point is considered lost and not replaced. The character cannot spend Character Points on any of the individual rolls, because they are already on a Force Point. The character can ‘Call on the Dark Side’ for a Force Point that can be used on any remaining Control, Sense, or Alter rolls (it does quad up with a Force Point), but the character would gain a Dark Side Point for this (the lightsaber is considered to radiate an evil aura, but is otherwise unaffected). If any of the Attuning (Control, Sense, or Alter) rolls are failed, continue with the remaining rolls to finish the process, but record the parts that have failed. The lightsaber will not function until the failed portions of the Attuning process have been completed properly. To accomplish this, as a later Personal Initiative the character can attempt to reroll all of the initially failed rolls (Control, Sense, or Alter as needed), but the difficulty of the roll needed is increased one level (+5) for all of the needed rolls. Any rolls that were successful initially do not need to be redone at this follow-up Personal Initiative. If any rolls have repeat failures, the lightsaber still will not function and an additional Personal Initiative is needed to continue. Each additional attempt at a failed roll has a cumulative +5 to the needed difficulties. Eventually it may be better to restart the process from the beginning, which would require an entire event as described previously. There are several benefits of Attuning the crystals. To gain these benefits the lightsaber (all portions of any attuned set if separable) must be in the character’s possession (unless otherwise noted - tracking). Complete destruction of the lightsaber (or any portion of any attuned set if separable) severs the attunement. Also characters can sever the attunement voluntarily, but this requires 5 minutes dedicated meditation to accomplish. The attunement is automatically severed if the character starts to attune new crystals (only 1 Attuned lightsaber or set can be in effect at any time). The resulting lightsaber can be used with Lightsaber Combat Force power (as Focused). Attuning removes the additional problems with the lightsaber if a ‘1’ is rolled on the Wild Die (as Focused). The lightsaber can be tracked as long as the Force-user feels a connection to the Force. This ability is similar to the Life Sense power with the following differences: the information gained is not exact, but rather is one step down on the proximity chart. Treat the relationship as a modifier of 0 (+0). For example, if Jim loses his lightsaber on one side of the galaxy, he can track his crystals well enough to know that it is on the opposite side of the galaxy. Once he is on the same side of the galaxy he can then narrow down the sector, etc. If the lightsaber(s) are part of a matched set, the closest lightsaber not in their possession will be the tracked lightsaber. This however is a double edged saber, any individual in possession of the characters crystals may ‘track’ that character in the same way as if their relationship were an ‘acquaintance.’ The character may resist this as normal. Attuning reduces the base difficulty of the lightsaber use 1 level (-5) {i.e. a standard lightsaber is a Difficult (20) difficulty to wield; this would be reduced to Moderate (15)}. The difficulty is often subject to the type of lightsaber variant. Attuning reduces the Control activation difficulty associated with the Lightsaber Combat Force power 1 level (-5) {i.e. Easy (10) instead of Moderate (15)}. Attuning reduces the Sense activation difficulty associated with the Lightsaber Combat Force power 1 level (-5) {i.e. Very Easy (5) instead of Easy (10)}. The character cannot Attune a lightsaber for someone else. Attuning bonds the lightsaber to that character. The character gains one additional benefit chosen by the character at the completion of the attunement process from the following list:
1. +2 to Lightsaber skill attack rolls.
2. +2 to Lightsaber skill parry rolls.
3. +1 to Control Force skill.
4. +1 to Sense Force skill.
5. +1 to Alter Force skill.

Lightsaber Construction

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