Av-1C Combat

Equipment / Protective Gear / Powersuits

Model: GTU AV-1C Power Suit
Type: Powersuit
Skill: Powersuit operation
Cost: 12,000
Availability: 4, X
Game Effect:
Battle Suit:

  • +2D physical and energy, -1D to Dexterity and all related skills.
  • Strength Enhancement: +2D to Strength and related skills, but any failed Strength or related roll strips the servos, causing a full malfunction of the suit for 1D rounds; also

roll 1D, if the result is 1-2, the wearer suffers 4D stun damage from arcing electricity.

  • Repulsorlift Engine: Move of 20, flight ceiling of 100 meters. Maneuver rolls are made with the powersuit operation skill.
  • Infrared Imaging Module: Ranged up to 200 meters, allows vision based on heat.
  • Starlight Imaging: Magnifies available light for excellent lowlight vision (no penalties for darkness except in absolute darkness, but sudden flashes of light can cause 4D stun

damage if the user does not make a Moderate Perception roll to close his or her eyes in time).

  • Power Lamp: 100 meter range.
  • Multi-channel Comm Unit: Includes comlink encoder, ranged up to 50 kilometers, and external amplifier.
  • Macrobinoculars: Standard rules as for macrobinoculars.
  • 5 Sureseal Patches: Automatic patches against suit leaks.
  • Bio-Readout: Informs wearer of his/her physical condition.
  • WITS: Allows the wearer to link two weapons into the suit’s battle computer, getting +1D to hit for each weapon.

Game Notes: Can operate for 24 hours without replenishing supplies and takes 10 minutes to put on.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 81), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 44)

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