Name: Ava
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Model & Freelancer
Height: 5’11” (1.80 meters)
Weight: 155 lb. (70.3kg)
Hair: Black
Gender: Female
Age: Early Twenties
Rank: Freelance
Weapons of choice: Intelligence, Beauty and Marksmanship of good set of blaster pistols.
Ship: “The last laugh” a Tribune class shuttle.
Quotes: “For rebels, you sure have a lot of rules.”
Background: Much is unknown of Ava background, which is the way Ava likes it. She has a dislike of authority, mostly Imperial of any kind and some of the staff offices of the rebellion. Their have been some who believe that she has come form Alderaan, and she has let them know they are wrong.

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