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Dear Diary,

I suited up today in my finely pressed uniform and boots (not the Imperial Uniform), and left R2 in charge of the ship. I know in hindsight that I may have been better off heading back to base in my usual attire, but I really needed to use the lab today and life is easier in uniform sometimes. Anyways, none of the troops occupying the lab gave me any lip about entry.

I've been toying around with the possibilities of the 'gift' I was given by a friend who shares some common interests with me. Lately, perhaps due to the haneous ammont of destruction I've been reeking and Squibie's worries that I may do something that gets out of hand, I've been wondering if there is a less intrusive way of going about my line of expertise. It has recently been occuring to me that sometimes being quiet has it's uses…

So I went to the lab with the 'gift' stowed away in a bag, and set to work as soon as I was able to clear out a few unwanted guests. I wasn't able to make as much progress as I was hoping I'd get done. I admit that after Fen chewed me out about 'stealing'…well, actually I got yelled at less for 'stealing' than I did for taking care of a few troopers…anyways, I was a bit nervous that Fen would find out what I was up to and decide to bust in on my fun. I was able to break down the 'gift' into a few components, but I wasn't able to discover all of the secret ingredients used. I was a bit tiffed that I was able to turn it into what appeared to be a weird form of Thermite Gel, but couldn't get any further. Then things just kept going downhill and I realized the stuff was making me think about waffle mix and the latest mission with Kas'tor.

Deciding to take a mommentary break I sat down and had a smoke. It dawned on me how small the lab at base is then, and I wondered how in the heck all the lab workers were able to get anything done at all. I mean, the room wasn't all that big and supplies were well stocked, but compared to all the workers that were in here before me I couldn't help but wondered if they worked in shifts. They obviously would have to share equipment at some time, and ther must be tons of accidents. I wonder if I should inquire into the matter…but then again I may soon have my own place to work in.

I also began to wonder if Fera had manufactured the gift herself or not. I couldn't recall, but I guess if you were making mass quantities of this stuff that a cooperation would be in charge…and their labs would have everything in working order. One thing led to another so I made the comm and luckily she picked up.

Ok…I have to admit that since the mission when I met Fera I haven't exactly kept in touch, so I feel a little bad about calling he rout of the blue to ask her about the 'gift'. I asked if the 'gift' could be broken down to it's core components (yep, just like that, blunt and to the point. I think I need a break away from all the testosterone). I was under the impression, since it has been quite some time now, that Fera's family had been producing it. I was wrong, it was something her boyfriend had helped develope, so she had no idea if what I wanted to do was possible. I can't see why not, I mean waffle batter can be broken down into the core ingredients…they just can't be seperated once mixed together. (Damn Kas'tor and his stupid waffles!)

I figured since the last time I saw Fera my team mates and I had technically rescued her and her family, so I mentioned how useful any information leading to me accomplishing my task in breaking the stuff down might be to the alliance. She agreed to send me the documentation she had on the 'gift' and to ask her boyfriend if there was anything I might be able to do in regards. She mentioned he worked at Abella Labs, and that they had met at a conference there.

So I promised not to wait so long before giving her a ring again, and she promised to look into the matter for me. So I packed up my stuff and took a final glance about the lab…might be useful in the future. I didn't see Fen about anywhere on the way out, though I think he spends most of his time away from Lyta on missions or onboard The Discovery.

I'm a little annoyed that I wasn't able to accomplish my goals, since they will be very useful and likely appreciated by my team mates in the future. For now I think I'll go play target practice with some of those damned waffles!


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