Barabel Microbe Armor

Equipment / Protective Gear / Protective Vests

Model: Creshldyne Industries Barabel Microbe Armor
Type: Biological Blast Vest
Cost: 30,000
Availability: 4
Game Notes:

Vest initially gives +1D energy resist. (All Torso Only). With each subsequent hit by a blaster bolt, the vest goes up by one pip of protection up to a maximum of 3D energy resist. The vest drops by one pip for every three minutes the vest is not hit by a blaster. If a blaster penetrates the vest enough to allow the user to be wounded, the vst is destroyed. If exposed to below zero temperatures for as little as 15 minutes, the vest is destroyed.

Source: Galladinium's Fantastic Technology (Pages 85-86), Arms and Equipment Guide (Pages 41-42).

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