Hunchbacked, bipedal saurians, Baragwins stand out in starports and cantinas across the galaxy. The creatures’ massive heads are nearly as wide as their shoulders and rest atop muscular, broad necks. Their skin is tough and wrinkled, scaly in places, and hairless. Their hands are large and calloused, and the pads of their feet are thick.
Most Baragwins range in color from drab forest green to dark olive, although several dusky gray ones have been noted. Their eyes are typically black, with bright blue pupils. Their nostrils are broad and ever twitching, picking up scents that signal the moods of those nearby. It is said that a Baragwin can smell fear kilometers away. This is not true – they only smell fear from several meters away.
Dexterity 1D+1/3D+2
Knowledge 1D/2D+1
Mechanical 1D/3D+2
Perception 2D/3D+1
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 2D/3D
Smell: Baragwin have a remarkable sense of smell and get a +1D to scent-based Search and +1D to Perception checks to determine the moods of others within five meters.
Armor: Baragwins’ dense skin provides a +1D protection against physical attacks only.
Move: 7/9
Pip Cost: 2

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