Basic Construction Assembly

The construction or assembly of the lightsaber hilt can be performed by anyone with the Lightsaber Engineering (A) skill. This entails the mechanical assembly of the pieces into a working lightsaber. This assembly process requires a single Personal Initiative at a Seminar or Interactive to complete. It requires a Difficult (20) base Lightsaber Engineering (A) roll, but there are a few available options, which the character can choose to modify this difficulty. The difficulty can be reduced by one level (-5), if the character takes apart any functioning lightsaber (can be flawed, can be any variant of a lightsaber). The character can ‘take their time’ on this roll providing them the standard +1D to their skill. The character can spend a Force Point or up to 2 Character Points (but not both) on this roll. Force Points expended are considered lost and not replaced. The character can ‘Call on the Dark Side’ for a Force Point that can be used on this roll (only if no character points were used so far; it does quad up with a Force Point), but the character would gain a Dark Side Point for this (the lightsaber is otherwise unaffected). Certain lightsaber creation options (see listing below) may add to or subtract from this roll. There may be other specific in game bonuses, penalties, and/or effects that were acquired through modules, or specialty events. If this roll is failed, the basic components are considered irreparably damaged and must be replaced through any event or associated Personal Initiative time (can be the same Personal Initiative as the next construction roll). Then it requires a new Personal Initiative to attempt construction of the lightsaber components. If the Lightsaber Engineering (A) roll succeeds then the hilt is ready for the crystals to be inserted. This creates a functioning lightsaber, but if the crystals are not Focused or Attuned (see below), they have inherent internal flaws that have associated penalties. These internal flaws prevent the constructed lightsaber from being used with the Lightsaber Combat Force power. The internal flaws can also have unpredictable effects. If at any time for any associated roll (any use, attack, defense, parry, or damage roll) you roll a ‘1’ on the Wild Die, then you roll 1D6 on this chart to determine the effect.
1. The lightsaber explodes doing full damage of the weapon to the user.
2. The lightsaber is broken and cannot be repaired.
3. The lightsaber is broken, but can be repaired with 2 hours of work and a Difficult (20) Lightsaber Repair roll.
4. The lightsaber shuts off, but needs only to be banged on something as an action to be reactivated.
5. No effect.
6. No effect.
Once assembled the lightsaber hilt has a Body rating of 2D.

Next step Focusing the Crystals or Attuning the Crystals

Lightsaber Construction

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