Beast Riding

Skills / Mechanical Skills

Time Taken: One round or longer.
Specializations: Particular riding animal — banthas, Cracian thumpers, dewbacks, tauntauns.

Beast riding represents a character's ability to ride any live mount. Unlike vehicles, animals sometimes resist orders from their riders. Each animal has an orneriness code. When a character mounts a riding animal, the character makes an opposed roll against the animal's orneriness code. If the character rolls higher than the animal, it does as he wishes. If the animal rolls higher, find the results on the chart below.
The character must make another opposed roll whenever the animal is exposed to danger or is in a situation which could scare the animal — being involved in a battle, encountering a ferocious predator, being surprised by a sudden storm or an incoming starship.

Animal rolls higher than character by:
21+ points: Animal bucks rider. Roll the animal's Strength versus the character's Dexterity: If the animal rolls higher, the character is thrown to the ground. The animal will trample the rider if there is no immediate threat; otherwise, it will run to safety.
16-20 points: Animal bucks rider and runs to safety. If the character falls off, the creature will not attempt to trample
the rider.
11-15 points: Animal refuses to follow rider's command and runs to safety. The rider may regain control by making another beast riding roll and beating the animal's total by 5 or more points.
6-10 points: Animal stops moving and refuses to move for the rest of the round or the next round.
1-5 points: Animal stops moving and refuses to move for the rest of the round.

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