The Bith are highly evolved humanoids with enlarged craniums. They have large, lidless eyes with black irises that are almost as large as the eye itself and make it appear as if the Bith lack pupils in their ocular organs. Their noses recede, and baggy epidermal folds hang beneath their eyes, covering their faces down to the lower jawline, and nearly concealing their small, oval-shaped mouths.
Dexterity 1D/3D
Knowledge 2D/6D
Mechanical 2D/5D
Perception 2D/5D
Strength 1D/2D
Technical 2D/5D
Vision: Bith have the ability to focus on microscopic objects, giving them a +1D to Perception skills involving objects less than 30 centimeters away. However, as a consequence of this, the Bith have become extremely myopic. They suffer a penalty of -1D for any visual-based action more than 20 meters away and cannot see more than 40 meters under any circumstance.
Scent: Biths have well-developed sense of smell, giving them a +1D to all Perception skills when pertaining to actions and people within three meters.
Manual Dexterity: Although the Bith have low overall Dexterity scores, they do gain +1D to the performance of fine motor skills – picking pockets, surgery, fine tool operation, etc. – but not to gross motor skills such as Blaster and Dodge.
Move: 5/8
Pip Cost: 2

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