Blaster Artillery

Skills / Dexterity Skills

Time Taken: One round or longer.
Specializations: The particular type or model of artillery — anti-infantry, anti-vehicle, Golan Arms DF. 9, surface-to-space, surface-to-surface.

Blaster artillery is the "ranged combat" skill that covers all fixed, multi-crew heavy weapons, such as those used by the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Hoth and the fixed ion cannons fired from a planet's surface.
The time taken to use this skill is often one round. However, certain kinds of artillery have a "fire rate," which indicates how many times a round that weapon can be used. For example, the anti-vehicle laser cannon used at Hoth can only be used once every other round (fire rate: 1/2), but the anti-infantry battery can fire up to twice per round (fire rate: 2).

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